Custom Order Pita Pizzas!!!

sometimes my family just wants a good ol' home made pizza. but by the time i finish making the crust for my pizza, (that has to sit and rise for a little while), they have already ordered, picked up and finished the pepperoni pizzas from the nearest pizza shop. Leaving my soon to be made pizza, alone and unwanted.

but alas i have found a solution!!! PITA PIZZA!

the pita bread crust IS basically an already baked pizza crust. And considering I had some in the cabinet left over from my greek food phase (which being more that 2 weeks later, im still stuck in), I used them from my mini pizzas. And the great thing about using pita, is that they make individual sizes, so i got to make my dad the pepperoni that he wanted, my mom the olive that she likes and a bunch of others like onion, cheese and pepper, that could be eaten later on.!

All I did was grease a baking sheet & put 6 pitas on it. Then i spread them each with this really good pasta sauce, of course you could use fresh tomatoes or pizza sauce, and then i sprinkled them with cheese and added the toppings. They were baked at 400ยบ until bubbly and brown!

Definitely make them, they are quick and easy and will fulfill your pizza craving for sure!

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